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TROEX Digital Voice Recorder
TROEX Digital Voice Recorder
What is the maximum number of hours that can be stored on the device?

The number of hours that can be stored on the device depends on the chosen recording quality. At the highest recording quality 48h of recording can be stored, but If you choose lower recording quality, the device can hold up to 576h of recordings. 

How many songs can be stored on the device?

The device has 8GB memory. On average it is about 2000 songs in mp3 format. 

Does the recorder have voice activated recording (VOR) function?

Yes, the voice recorder has the voice activated recording function. You can switch it ON or OFF and also adjust the sensitivity of the voice activated recording, depending on your needs and preferences. For the most important recordings, however, we suggest to switch off VOR function, so that all (including pauses or silence) is recorded and no word is missed. 

How many hours does the battery last in one go?

When fully charged, in normal circumstances the battery normally supports up to 20 hours of continuous recording and up to 13 hours of continuous playback. The battery life depends on voice volume and backlight. You can also charge battery while recording or playing back.


How to charge the recorder?

To charge the recorder you simply need to remove the cap from its bottom and plug the device into USB port of your computer (any other USB e.g. in a car also can be used). It is important to leave the device ON while charging. The battery sign on the screen will be blinking while the device is charging.


How to delete recordings from the device?

To delete recordings, please follow these steps. When in STOP/PAUSE status, press MENU button briefly, and you will see the audio files. Press PREV/NEXT button to select the file that you want to delete. Then press VOL+ or VOL- button for 3 seconds or longer and you will see the DELETE menu with options “No” “Yes” “DEL ALL”).


It is important not alter the RECORD folder contents using a computer, but rather just copy the needed files to your computer. To delete the unneeded recordings please always use the DELETE function of the device.


Can the recorder be used for discreet/covert purposes? Is there a sound or light indicating that the recorder is in operation?

The voice recorder is small and can be used discretely, there is no sound when it is switched ON/OFF. In default settings there is a red LED light indicating that the device is recording, however, that can be switched on or off depending on your needs and preferences. Just please always make sure that you obey the laws and regulations, we at TROEX do not support any illegal activities.

What happens to the recordings if the battery is low?

There is a battery indicator on the screen. In case of a low battery the recorder will automatically save the recording before it switches off.


How to play back a recording? Should I connect to a computer?

You don’t need to connect to a computer, you can play back instantly from the device by pressing the PLAY button. The recorder has a built-in speaker as well as earbuds. Alternatively, of course, you can plug the recorder into computer USB port and copy or play the recordings using computer.

Is the recorder able to record while charging?

Yes, the recorder can record while charging. It is the best first to start recording and then plug the device into the USB port/charger if that is needed. 

Can I use the recorder with a Mac computer?

Yes, the recorder can be used with Mac computer. Just plug the recorder into the USB port for downloading the files and charging (for the new MacBook Pro that does not come with USB-A port you will need to have an adapter). For Mac computer you may need to download a WAV player. We suggest using 5K Player or similar free player to listen to the recorded files. 


In what format does the recorder record?

Recordings are done in WAV format (uncompressed, broadcast CD quality audio files, simple and easy to process). For playback the recorder supports also MP3 format (compressed, lower quality audio file, most widely used on internet). If needed, e.g. if you want to distribute or post a recording online, we suggest using a free online converter to convert WAV to MP3

Can the recorder’s display be turned off in playback mode? I want to use it while film processing in a darkroom.

You can change the time the backlight is on (5-30 seconds or always ON). I.e. the display would turn off after 5 seconds, if you set up the device that way. 


Is this device password protected?

Yes, there is a possibility to set a 4-digit numeric password 


What is the furthest distance the recorder is able to clearly record at?

For the best quality clear recording - a distance up to 10m is recommended. However, one can record also from a further distance of up to 20-30m, depending on level of the background noise etc. 


If I have missed a sentence while playing back, can I rewind to that particular sentence or does it go back to the beginning of the recording?

When you listen to a recording or a song you can always move fast forward or backward by long pressing PREV or NEXT button 

In addition, there is an A-B Replay function; during playback before the important part press MENU button once to choose point A in the recording, and then press MENU again to choose point B. The device will play A-B interval several times (1-10, depending on the chosen setup). You need to press MENU again to return to normal playback mode 

Can I record telephone conversation with the device?

You can record telephone conversations if you use a speakerphone. However, there is no separate cable to connect the voice recorder directly to a telephone. 


Is there a transcription software that can be used with the recorder?

A transcription software does not come with the voice recorder. However, there are several tools available online that can convert your WAV files into text files. We recommend using a combination of Dragon speech recognition software and InqScribe transcription software to convert your recordings to text format. Both Dragon and InqScribe have free and paid versions to match your needs for transcription of the recordings.


Why does the recorder’s screen says “no file”?

There could be 2 reasons for showing "no file" on the screen:

  1. There are indeed no recorded files on the device, i.e. the files have been deleted by user.

  2. If the recorder has been plugged into computer and the files in the RECORD folder have been altered/deleted using computer. In order to fix the problem, please do the following steps:

    1. plug the recorder into computer and backup all the files from RECORD folder to your computer 

    2. delete the RECORD folder (using computer) and then eject the recorder from your computer

    3. now, once you switch the recorder on and start recording again, the RECORD folder is recreated again and the new recordings are automatically saved there (and you should be able to play them from the device)

If the above steps do not help you will need to re-format the recorder’s disk.


How to format the USB drive of the recorder with Mac?

In case you need to re-format the USB drive of the recorder, we suggest following the  steps  as described at

If you have any other questions - please contact TROEX Customer Support

at and  we will be happy to help you!

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