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your inner world is where the magic happens

Leather Journal - Eco-friendly Light Brown Bound Writing Notebook

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  • WHILE A LOT OF OTHER LEATHER JOURNALS on the market are made of real animal leather, they smell bad, and are made of poor quality material or they are difficult to close, our light brown journal is an ecofriendly PU leather notebook which smells good and is equipped with a resistant leather string which can be used in many ways, depending on your needs; since our light brown bound diary is truly user friendly, it will become an inseparable companion in your daily life

  • NO MORE STRESS AND FRUSTRATION because of lack of organization; no more fear to express your creativity; our journal will help you to feel calmer and less stressed; organize your thoughts, express your feelings and write down your ideas; its blank unlined pages are ideal for writing and drawing with no limits; use it as a diary, sketchbook or planner; if you like to travel or you are often away from home, you can make the most of its compact size of 7 x 5 inches and take it always with you
  • IDEAL FOR DREAMERS, WRITERS, ARTISTS and TRAVELERS who want to express their creativity any way they want; an excellent PU leather journal is also a great tool for business men and women who want to be more efficient when writing down their plans and goals and increase their chances of achieving them; 

  • WE BELIEVE THAT EVERYONE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE and inspire people all around; we want to help each and every one of you to unleash your hidden potential; our leather notebook will help you set your goals or use your creativity to discover who you are and what your dreams are; we are people who use our own products every day to achieve our goals and inspire others; be creative and think big; Remember: Your inner world is where the magic happens

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