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5 reasons to have a dedicated device for your important recordings

If you think that a voice recorder in your smartphone is sufficient for recording what is important to you and not missing a word – think twice. Even if most smartphones have voice recording function, there are good reasons why smart users increasingly choose a dedicated device for their important recordings.

1. Battery drain

Having to rely on your smartphone for recording a 2-hour lecture or even a shorter business meeting is not a smart idea. The battery of your device will take its toll and there is a good chance that later that day your phone will just switch off (which often happens when you need it the most). Even worse, if the battery dies when your important recording is ongoing and charging is not available…

2. Do not mix personal and job related files

Mixing personal and job related information and files is not a good idea. In many cases, it is legally or contractually prohibited by the employer. But even if not, it is smart to keep those separate. Who hasn’t heard of funny or embarrassing situations when a wrong file is shared with a colleague or a boss? So better keep your personal files, music, pictures etc. on your smartphone and your recording of the business meeting on your recorder…

3. Keep your communication lines open while recording

If you do record something important with your smartphone, then better keep the phone on the desk and avoid touching it while recording. Otherwise the background noise might overtake what is recorded, and even quiet tapping of your fingers while typing a quick message on your phone will be amplified in the recording. In other words – if you use a smartphone for a recording you should not simultaneously use it also for other tasks like communicating on Snapchat or Facebook or checking your email. Keep it separate - have a voice recorder doing its recording job and keep your phone for communication and everything else...

4. Dedicated voice recorder is small and discreet

You don’t necessarily want to start a meeting by putting your smartphone out on the table. Better keep it to yourself and rather use a voice recorder. With an ultra-sensitive mic, you can use it much more discreetly. Just make sure that you record only what is legally allowed. You don’t want to cross the line and get yourself into trouble!

5. Dedicated device has more functions that you’ll find useful

A good voice recorder has more recording specific functions that a smartphone does not have. For example, “voice-activated-recording” or “voice-operated-recording” is a useful function when you need to have a recording for a longer period of time but you want to record only when something is said, and not have lengthy record with most of it being silence… Another example is “plug-and-play” feature of few good recorders, i.e. just plug the recorder straight into computer to drop your files or to charge, and all that without any cables or adapters.

There are indeed good reasons why smart users choose a dedicated device over a smartphone for their important recordings. Be smart ☺

Tom Smith


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